My name is Penn Ketchum and I am excited to announce our plans to open Penn Cinema at The Marketplace in Huntingdon Valley.

Just to introduce myself, I want you to know that above all else, I am a movie guy. I like to sit in the front with a big tub of popcorn and get lost in the action. I love Marvel movies but I also really enjoy a movie like Wonder which I watched with my daughter and we both cried. I believe in the movies, I believe in big-screen movie magic. I watch movies at home too of course but I know there is no replacing the shared experience of seeing it on the big screen. So if you’re a fan too then get psyched because we’re bringing a world class theater to your town.

You can follow along and give us feedback through our Facebook page or by emailing me directly (there’s my email down there… it’s easy to remember). We’re working hard to make sure we can open in early November of this year but stay tuned for more specifics as we bring this more and more into focus. It’s gonna be awesome. I look forward to hearing from you.