Free Trip to Egypt
Documentary, Inspirational

2h 25m
Reclining Seats
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Release Date: Jun 12, 2019

Seeking to build a bridge of mutual understanding and friendship, an entrepreneur of Muslim faith decides to reach out to the very people who fear him. Traveling across the U.S. to find Americans concerned about an Islamic threat, Tarek Mounib makes them an intriguing offer… a Free Trip to Egypt.

Free Trip to Egypt follows Tarek’s journey to bring Americans of different political affiliations, religious beliefs and ethnicities across the world to Egypt, to broaden world-views and bring people together in kindness.

Following the feature will be a live panel discussion from Washington DC, to discuss how to bring more listening and kindness to the world as part of the #PledgeToListen Day of Unity.

This nationwide live event will bring thought leaders, influencers, and people from all walks of life together in solidarity through the three pillars that comprise the #PledgeToListen: Civility, Deep Listening, and Authentic Conversation.

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  • June 12, 2019