The movie audio will be broadcast via FM radio. Please tune your radio to 89.9 FM. We recommend bringing a battery powered radio to avoid draining your car battery.

Restrooms are available in our main lobby.

Yes! Please visit us in the main lobby or place your order here. All online orders will be delivered to your vehicle. Please ensure you ensure the correct space number during checkout.

Lititz: The drive-in entrance is located in the rear parking lot. To access, the rear parking lot, continue past Mick’s All-American Pub.

Huntingdon Valley: The drive-in is located in the rear parking lot of The Marketplace shopping center. Please enter on the right side of the shopping center near the fire station.

The start time varies throughout the season. It needs to be fairly dark in order to see the image on screen. For this reason, we typically start the presentation approximately 30 minutes after sunset.

If you’re showing was priced “per vehicle” you are welcome to bring as many guests as there are seat belts in your vehicle. If you drive a five seat sedan, up to five people are covered with your ticket. If you drive a seven seat mini-van, up to seven people are covered by your ticket.

Dogs are welcome at the drive-in; however, they must remain leashed at all times. Please help keep the drive-in clean and pick-up after your dog. In the event that your dog is causing a disruption (barking, howling, running around, etc) you may be asked to leave the presentation without a refund.

You may setup chairs outside of your vehicle; however, please be courteous and respectful of those around you.

To request a ticket refund, please contact the location listed on your ticket.

Lititz – 717-626-7720 or Email Us

Huntingdon Valley – 267-982-5795 or Email Us

Tickets vary by movie. Please check show listings for specific pricing.


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