Groups + Meetings

Want to go first class and impress your guests? Our facility boasts a variety of qualities and unique features that separate us from the rest. Our two most valuable qualities are (1) Our first class facilities and (2) The personal attention that comes from being independently owned and operated.


Your presentation can take advantage of our 35 foot big-screens and our custom audio system which provides professional sound presentations no matter what style of presentation you want.
Your audience will feel comfortable and pampered in our high-back seats. And with the premiere audio-visual presentation, nobody will have a bad seat or have to strain to see that next slide.
Our lobby is also available for custom packages to create a high-end opportunity to enjoy everything from light snacks to actual meals. Networking becomes fun and easy in this unique environment.


As an independently owned business, we have the ability to make on-the-spot decisions in order to provide personal accomodations.
The building is well suited to handle any size event. We have successfully hosted events from as small as 20 to as many as 2000.
We offer unending flexibility for all types of events whether it be high-tech or low-tech, big spread or efficient welcome, etc.
For more information or to book your event today, please fill out the form below and a member of our Events Team will be in touch.



Please note, if you are interested in our small format auditorium rentals for up to 30 guests (Bubble Rentals), additional information, current availability and a self-service reservation platform can be found at